16th Street Streetscape Improvements Project

Development Description:                                       

CADA is leading an effort to make physical improvements to the public right-of-way of 16th Street between the Capitol Avenue-N Street Alley and S Streets. The proposed improvements are designed to promote pedestrian safety and the walkability of the street, promote environmental sustainability through the use of stormwater planters, improve the signage, introduce mini-plazas at selected locations, and contribute to a greater sense of “district” or “placemaking” by introducing bulbouts, artwork, and other physical features in key locations.

(this page last updated 8-29-13)

Improvements to the 16th Street Corridor have been divided into two (2) phases.


The Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) is implementing a first phase of improvements based on the 16th Street Streetscape Concept plan that was approved by City Council in September of 2011.  This initial phase was funded by a $795,000 grant provided by the Strategic Growth Council Urban Greening Grant Program (Prop 84).  CADA was one of the few agencies to receive funding over $75,000 and was one of 50 projects selected out of 260 applicant proposals.   As indicated in the grant program title, the improvements will incorporate environmentally sustainable and greet features including:  intersection bulb-outs at 16th and N Streets, seventeen (17) storm water retention units, and up to 28 new and/or replaced street trees.
Status:  Implementation of the Phase I Improvements will be completed in conjunction with construction of three (3) CADA infill development projects along 16th Street.  Completion of the each section of the these “greenscape” features will be as follows:

Part 1 –  Project and location:  Legado De Ravel (16th and O Streets)

Completion:  October 2013

Improvements:  Six (6) stormwater planters and eight (8) street trees

Part 2 – Project and location:  Fremont Park and 16th and O Streets

Completion:  August 2013

Improvements:   Five (5) stormwater planters, up to thirteen (13) street trees, and three (3) bulb out at the intersection of 16th and N Streets

Part 3 – Project and location:  16 Powerhouse (16th and P Streets)

Completion:   December 2014

Improvements:   three (3) stormwater planters and four (4) street trees

Part 4 – Project and location:  The Warren (16th and N Streets)

Completion:  June 2014

Improvements:  three (3) stormwater planters and three (3) street trees

Phase II Improvements

The 16 Street Phase II Streetscape Improvements will focus on pedestrian and bicycle amenities and safety improvements to the corridor.

Status:   Currently, CADA is seeking funding to finalize design and construction these improvements. Concept and CEQA approve for the project have been completed.

The project scope is as follows:

  • Bulb-outs will be constructed to reduce vehicular speeds through visual friction and decreasing pedestrians crossing distances thereby creating a safer pedestrian experience.
  • Intersection treatments and enhanced crosswalks will be installed to further delineate pedestrian crossings and create a sense of place along the corridor
  • Pedestrian crossing countdown timers to provide a safer environment for pedestrians
  • Pedestrian lighting in locations where lights are currently missing on the corridor to increase safety near the 16th Street light rail station.
  • Sidewalk and landscape replacement/enhancement to improve the walkability of the street which experiences heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • An art sign over 16th Street and utility box murals to promote a sense of comfort and a stimulating public realm experience.
  • Benches and custom bike racks to improve sociability, create community and sense of space.
  • Mini pedestrian plaza at the northeast corner of 16th and O Street.


16th Street Streetscape Concept Plan –  Approved  by City Council on May 8, 2012,

To view the drawings, please click on the links below (you must have Adobe Acrobat to view these files):