16th Street Streetscape Improvements Project

Development Description:                                        

CADA is leading an effort to make physical improvements to the public right-of-way of 16th Street between the Capitol Avenue-N Street Alley and S Streets. The proposed improvements are designed to promote pedestrian safety and the walkability of the street, promote environmental sustainability through the use of stormwater planters, improve the signage, introduce mini-plazas at selected locations, and contribute to a greater sense of “district” or “placemaking” by introducing bulbouts, artwork, and other physical features in key locations.

(this page last updated 8-29-13)

Improvements to the 16th Street Corridor have been divided into two (2) phases.


The Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) implemented a number of streetscape improvements based on the 16th Street Streetscape Concept plan that was approved by City Council in September of 2011.  These improvements were funded by a $795,000 grant provided by the Strategic Growth Council Urban Greening Grant Program (Prop 84).  CADA was one of the few agencies to receive funding over $75,000 and was one of 50 projects selected out of 260 applicant proposals.   As indicated in the grant program title, the improvements  incorporate environmentally sustainable and greet features including:  intersection bulb-outs at 16th and N Streets,  storm water retention planters, and  new and/or replaced street trees.

The four phased project as finally completed in the Summer of 2018.

Part 1 –  Project and location:  Legado De Ravel (16th and O Streets)

Completion:  October 2013

Improvements:  Six (6) stormwater planters and eight (8) street trees

Part 2 – Project and location:  Fremont Park and 16th and O Streets

Completion:  May 2018

Improvements:   4 stormwater planters, up to four (4) street trees at Fremont Park, and three (3) bulb outs at the intersection of 16th and N Streets

Part 3 – Project and location:  16 Powerhouse (16th and P Streets)

Completion:   December 2014

Improvements:   three (3) stormwater planters and four (4) street trees

Part 4 – Project and location:  Eviva (16th and N Streets)

Completion:  June 2014

Improvements:  three (3) Low Impact Design stormwater planters and Eight (8) street trees