8th and R Parking Structure

The Capitol Area Development Agency (CADA) is partnering with the California Department of General Services (DGS) to develop a parking structure at the 805 R Street site (R Street between 8th and 9th Streets).  CADA is managing the design and construction and when finished will be the managing the retail space component of the project.  CADA’s goal is to assure the design of the parking structure fits the look and feel of R Street as well as creating an active and vibrant environment at the street-level.

Current Status

This project is currently on hold.  A status update will be available by late April of 2019.

CEQA Review Documents 

  1.  Proposed Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration
  2.  Initial Study/MND Summary
  3.  Initial Study/MND Table of Contents 
  4.  Initial Study Checklist
  5.  Initial Study References
  6.  Appendix A –  Air Quality Management Data
  7.  Appendix B –  Biological Species Study
  8.  Appendix C –  Geotechnical Engineering Investigation
  9.  Appendix D –  Biological Resources Data
  10.  Appendix E – Greenhouse Gas Modeling Data
  11.  Appendix F –  Noise Data
  12.  Appendix G – Transportation Impact Study



Community Outreach                                      November  2017

CEQA Approval                                                 December 8,  2017

Design Build Contractor                                 TBD

Building Demolition                                        TBD

Construction Documents                               TBD

Begin Construction                                          TBD

Complete Construction                                   TBD


Project Contact:

Todd Leon
CADA Development Director