R Street Phase 3 Streetscape Improvements




The project currently in the Construction Bid process at the City of Sacramento.

Construction is estimated to begin by June 15, 2017.



Since the inception of the R Street Corridor Master Plan, CADA has been leading the way to implement the mixed-use, transit-oriented development vision of R Street.  CADA’s most significant contribution to the corridor has been the completion of several infrastructure projects between 10th and 18th Streets. Completed in phases, CADA has planned, funded, and partnered with both Regional Transit and the City of Sacramento to improve connections to the 13th and 16th Street Light Rail Stations, added needed utility capacity in the area, and provided new pedestrian and vehicular improvements to R Street.  The last of these planned infrastructure projects is the R Street Phase 3 Streetscape Improvements between 13th and 16th Streets. The Phase 3 project will unify the two previous streets streetscape projects between 10th and 13th Streets and 16th and 18th Streets.


Streetscape improvements for Phase III include:

  • New pedestrian walkways with 4 inch curbs
  • A new concrete roadway surface
    • Designated on-street parking
    • Improved pedestrian crossings
    • Pedestrian street lighting
    • Unique light fixtures
    • Preservation of historic elements (e.g., rail line, cobblestones)
    • New drainage and water line systems
  • ADA-compliant accessibility
  • Street trees with ornamental Tree Grates
  • Benches
  • Art Pieces
  • Bike Racks




Design and Environmental Clearance

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG):     $75,000

CADA Funding:                                                              $452,050

Federal Grant:                                                               $422,950


Total:                                                                               $950,000


Construction Budget

CADA                                                                             $1,530,000

SACOG Community Design Grant                          $2,987,000

City of Sacramento                                                          $37,186

Total:                                                                             $4,569,186


Project Team Leaders:

CADA Project Manager: Todd Leon, Development Director▪ 916-323-1272 Cell 916-508-4272 ▪ Email: tleon@cadanet.org

City Project Manager: Zuhair Amawi, Associate Civil Engineer, Project Manager

916-808-7620 ▪ zamawi@cityofsacramento.org