Truitt Park

Dog Park and Community Garden

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Truitt Park Phase II or Truitt BARK Park contruction is underway.  The City expects to open the park in ealy Summer 2017.

Background Summary:

Truitt Park is a new City of Sacramento neighborhood park site within the R Street Corridor located at the southwest corner of the intersection of 19th and Q Streets. The design of this park is guided by a Master Plan the City Council Adopted on September 29, 2015. The Truitt Park Master Plan includes a community garden, shade trees, art, a small central plaza and off leash dog facilities for both small and large canines. Construction of the new park will begin in 2016, and due to funding limitations, will be developed in two phases.

Park Master Plan (PDF)


Phase I Construction:

The first phase of construction will be the construction of a new community garden located at the west side of the site. Construction of the site is fully funded. The City of Sacramento will be begin work on the garden in January 2016 and will be completed by April of the same year.


Phase II Construction:

The second phase of the park construction will be for the remainder of the site and will include the planned central plaza and off leash dog park facilities. CADA will be developing the Phase II site on behalf of the City. Completion of the Phase II project is scheduled for Fall 2016. The City is funding the majority of the project while CADA is contributing the funding and project management services for the park’s development.

Midtown Dog Run-Concept View

Park Illustrative Plan



Although funding for the Phase II project construction is in place, additional funding maybe needed to include many of the amenities envisioned in the Truitt Park Master Plan. Please visit the Dog Park’s funding raising site for the additional information on how to donate additional funds for the Phase II project.

Phase II Website:


Project Contact:

Todd Leon

CADA Development Director